About the project

TourismKazakhstan.asia is international touristic and electronic magazine of Kazakhstan which combines all regions and cities of Kazakhstan where each region as well as Astana and Almaty cities are represented in the form of certain electronic magazine. Kazakhstan becomes more available for any person staying in any point of the planet due to new format. You may click on interactive map of the required region of Kazakhstan and know everything about Kazakhstan’s touristic life free and easy as well as study with sights; cultural and historical places and monuments; nature peculiarities; life and culture of this region of Kazakhstan by using of smartphone, tablet or PC. You may know everything about tour operator, excursions, hotels, resting places, entertainments and primary wellness tourism.  Our land keeps many unknown and mysterious things. That is why Kazakhstan attracts more and more tourists from all countries of the world annually.  You will find exactly that field of tourism which is more attractive for you by thumbing through electronic pages of our TourismKazakhstan.asia magazine. We are updating our website with new and exclusive information constantly. We look forward to seeing you and have a nice trip.